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Starke Football® is where Middle School and High School football athletes come to become better and elite football players.


WE HELP FOOTBALL ATHLETES develop and build confidence, accelerate their athletic ability, improve mental and physical strength, while elevating their entire game.

— Speed Training
— Agility Training
— Explosiveness
— Strength Training
— Technique Tra…
— Nutrition Tra…
— Bodyweight Dev.
— Vertical Training

— DB & Safety Tra…
— Receiver & RB
— Linebacker Tra…
— Quarterback Tra…
— Kicker Training
— Combine Training
— Mental Dev.
— Game Training

Our Mission at Starke Football®

To help our athletes become their best.

Our Athletes is our Focus

What to Expect.

We bring high energy and professional atmosphere, immediate coaching impact, professional player training work books, and thorough mastery of player development training throughout the offseason as well as during the regular season. Positional mastery training, speed and agility, explosiveness, strength alongside mental training for both middle school and high school football players. Sign up today!

Is this an In-Person Training or Online?

Both. We have both in-person as well as online training product that you can purchase for your athlete. You’ll be able to access the platform when the programs are available to purchase and start training on any device with internet connection at any time.

What Tools or Equipment do I need?

If you’re participating in our in-person training programs and camps, all you need is typical running shoes as well as cleats for field training. Balls, cones, ladders, hurdles, weights, etc. for in-person training will all be provided.

To complete any of our online training programs when available, all you need is a football and cleats. Yes some of our coaches in our online training programs use equipment, but it’s not necessary for the success of the athlete to have at home.

Most of our drills and training are usually modified to fit small spaces such as back yards and garages if you have one.

Keeping track of progress.

Every SF® athlete will receive a Training Workbook that will be utilized as their data journal to keep track of their progress. It’s easy to just work out each day, but if you don’t know where you’ve started, where you’re going, what are your weak points as well as your strength, you’ll never know how far you’ve come or how far you can push yourself.

What We Do

Training Greatness
is Our Priority

We specialize in player development through positional, strength, power, speed, and mental development. Our Founder, Wes Starke, founded SF® in the winter of 2021.

After retiring in 2008 from multiple career ending injuries, Wes decided to take his knowledge of playing professionally throughout the arena football leagues, and started giving back as a licensed youth coach and public speaker. 17 Youth Coaching Seasons, 400+ Athletes Coached, 5X Champion, 4X Award Winning All-Conference Coach and Motivator.

Originating from Kansas City, Missouri, Wes has relocated and launched SF® in Southern California. Wes has recruited former athletes to comprise his staff of coaches and front office. Omega Oruko, also a former professional football player, became the first addition, followed by Jessica, a former athlete and graduate from Avila University.

SF® Coaching has taken Southern California over and is establishing itself as one of the premier youth athletic performance brands. Our highly awarded and educated team have performed at a high level in their careers and continue to share their knowledge and continued study with student athletes. They continue to educate themselves and are committed to implementing thoughtful and proven programming for the next generation of athletes leveling up.

Training programs by SF® offer unique opportunities to young football athletes who are committed to their craft. SF® is the home of national 6on6 and 7on7 middle school and high school football team California Sabers®. Traveling and competing against other national rank athletes help motivate and push our athletes to always be working. Our clients trust us to take them to the highest level.

Are you ready to elevate your game?

We offer flexible membership packages to suit all levels achieve any performance or fitness goal.

Word on the Street!

What our athletes
and parents are saying
about us.

Professional Coach

``It's a real blessing to have a professional coach genuinely dedicated to growing these kids, not just in sports but in all lessons in life. We appreciate you Coach Wes a lot!``

James P.


He's the real deal

“I've seen my son open up more with Coach Wes. I'm glad we were able to experience a real coach.”

Stacey L.


Passion Radiates

“Your passion radiates brother. It's so refreshing seeing someone with so much passion and energy teaching these young men how to really put in work for something you want. You are a great balance of hard, intensity and love for the game and these young men. Keep bringing it Wes, keep bringing it!``

Robert C.


Much Needed Training

``My boys needed this. The discipline is what I enjoy the most as a parent. It transitions over to home and school and my boys adore Coach Wes. He's strict when it comes to making sure my boys are working their hardest every time, and he's not afraid to really give them a kick in the butt when their being lazy. But he does it in a way that empowers my boys and I love this. I'll always sing praises of Coach Wes and Starke Football!``

Megan G.



Your Football Training Coach
Former Pro Player
5X Champion and 4X All-Conference

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