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Commitment Agreement

In order to complete your registration, you must agree to SF’s commitment agreement.

This online agreement is intended to make player and parent expectations very clear when participating in any training and coaching program of SF®. It will include expectations and general information about any active SF’s training program.

Training for football with SF® and it’s coaches is a privilege and requires the right attitude, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. If you are going to register your athlete to train with us, we ask that you have a conversation with your athlete about the reasons why you are training with SF®. Come to an understanding that it will require an all-in attitude and that there will require sacrifices throughout the duration of your training with SF®.

It’s very important that both players and parents understand that showing up to training on-time, ready, and willing to work is very crucial to the success of the athlete. No Short-Cuts or Excuses.

Training Sessions

  1. Training sessions are crucial to the athletes’ success and their attendance is mandatory at every training session. Don’t commit to any SF® training if you aren’t willing to make all of the time commitments.
  2. We realize that many athletes are involve in a variety of activities. However, we cannot make exceptions for outside conflicts. We expect top priority and 100% commitment and attendance.
  3. Any unexcused training session will result in ultimately loss of opportunity for the athlete. That athlete will lose out on specific growth and he or she will be left behind in training.
  4. (2) unexcused training absences, that athlete will be removed from the training program without refund. The SF® will work with players and we will always work to be fair, but we reserve final say on whether the practice is excused or unexcused. (i.e., vacations will always be UNEXCUSED).
  5. The only excused absence is a school function that results in a grade during the school year. If your athlete is sick, we just ask that you send an email to our front office team
  6. Next, be willing to be coached and have a good attitude towards your other athletes. Be willing to receive instruction (be coachable).
  7. The training sessions are already provided at checkout and will also be provided via email before the training starts. Make sure to check (spam folder) in email system if you aren’t seeing our emails.
  8. If you are confused about practice times, you need to communicate with a SF® and get everything sorted out.
  9. Athletes are required to wear appropriate training attire. No jeans/school clothes

Training Playbook

  1. Each athlete is given a SF® Training Playbook to log their progression stats. This is very important to the growth of each athlete. Keeping track of all regimen data accomplished during training is a requirement.
  2. Each SF® athlete has to enter all training data accurately. This is a requirement, while entering false data only hurts the athlete when testing comes around. There’s zero short cuts.


  1. SF® athletes are held to a high standard, a standard that we have set. Athletes make sure your actions reflect this during and outside of training. We expect actions to speak louder than words, so be a strong testimony of this wherever you go.

SF® Culture

  1. We are an elite family of athletes, from ownership, coaches and athletes. So, we expect all SF® athletes to build each other up and invest in each other. This is a great opportunity to create new friendship with other athletes from other parts of the city.
  2. Bullying or tearing down other athletes will not be tolerated and can be punished with training session suspension or removal from training program with ZERO refund.
  3. Everyone training is here for the same reason and that’s to get better at their craft. Each athlete is striving toward a common goal, working together, encouraging, and building each other up along the way is the truest meaning of Elite Athlete.

Starke Football® has made a commitment to your athlete and we ask that you also commit to the training of your athlete for the entire duration of your athlete’s assigned training program. By registering and purchasing any SF® training program, you are obligating yourself and your athlete to completing for training in its entirety. If your athlete or yourself as parent decide to remove from training for any reason, there are absolutely no refunds.