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Positional skills training, speed and agility, explosiveness, strength training and film study.

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Search downloadable training programs to help your football athlete become more athletic and elevate their game.

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Elite roadmap training is built to fit a 8 to 9 month training regimen for athletes ages 10 through 18 years of age.

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Confirm your training download and or finalize your scheduled sessions with SF® administration and start your athlete's training journey.

Pricing Plans

Available Monthly
Training plans.

Available monthly training plans that fit your athlete pathway. Choose your month-to-month plan.

Rookie Package

4 Session - Membership

$180 Billed Monthly
4 (Four) Sessions Monthly
Book (1) session per week
1.5hr training sessions

Commitment level: ★☆☆☆☆

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* Billed as $180 monthly

Scout Package

8 Session - Membership

$360 Billed Monthly
8 (Eight) Sessions Monthly
Book (2) session per week
1.5hr training sessions

Commitment level: ★★☆☆☆

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* Billed as $360 monthly

Additional Training Plans

One-Time sessions.
Easy options.

Options that work for athletes that want extra work but
can’t commit to a monthly plan.

Rookie (One-Time)

4 Sessions ONLY

$240 Billed One-Time
4 (Four) Sessions Only
Book (1) session per week
1.5hr training sessions
(billed one-time)

Commitment level: ★☆☆☆☆

Get Started

* Billed as $240 one-time

Scout (One-Time)

8 Session ONLY

$480 Billed One-Time
8 (Eight) Sessions Only
Book (1-2) sessions per week .
1.5hr training sessions
(billed one-time)

Commitment level: ★★☆☆☆

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* Billed as $480 one-time


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    SF® elite roadmap
    Training system.

    SF® elite roadmap training system is built to fit a 8 to 9 month (75% of the year) training regimen for athletes as young as 10 to 18 years of age.

    The training regimen is a commitment to self-excellence and tailored to the athlete’s physical, mental and skillset capabilities with testing and a collaboration of science, technology and old-school work ethic.

    This is done to position the athlete for college scholarship opportunities and readiness.

    Annual estimate training objective

    *Base on progression levels of athlete

    SF® Training Snapshot

    Roadmap is for

    The roadmap system is designed to transform the athlete thru an 8-9 month training regimen as the athlete elevates in age and school year.


    hrs per session


    Set the intensity of your training.


    Setup of body and age progression.


    Film study for self-development.

    Data Tracker
    Data Tracker

    Statistical tracking for performance.


    Membership perks with training.

    Coach Support
    Coach Support

    Providing mentor and support system.

    based on trust.

    Unique partnerships bring communities together and it cultivates a place for opportunities to thrive. Our vision is to create an environment that is high in energy that drives excitement for those that partner with us in our communities.
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      Parent Feedback

      What parents
      are saying.

      Professional Coach

      ``It's a real blessing to have a professional coach genuinely dedicated to growing these kids, not just in sports but in all lessons in life. We appreciate you Coach Wes a lot!``

      James P.


      Real Deal

      “I've seen my son open up more with Coach Wes. I'm glad we were able to experience a real coach.”

      Stacey L.


      Much Needed

      ``My boys needed this. The discipline is what I enjoy the most as a parent. It transitions over to home and school and my boys adore Coach Wes. He's strict when it comes to making sure my boys are working their hardest every time, and he's not afraid to really give them a kick in the butt when their being lazy. But he does it in a way that empowers my boys and I love this. I'll always sing praises of Coach Wes and Starke Football!``

      Megan G.


      Passion Radiates

      “Your passion radiates brother. It's so refreshing seeing someone with so much passion and energy teaching these young men how to really put in work for something they want. You are a great balance of hard, intensity and love for the game and these young men. Keep bringing it Wes!``

      Robert C.


      Need help (Reach out via Chat)

      asked questions.

      Is this an In-Person Training or Online Program?

      Both. We have both in-person as well as online training products that you can purchase for your middle school and high school athlete(s). You’ll be able to access the platform when the programs are available to purchase and start training on any device with internet connection at any time.

      What equipment do I need?

      If you’re participating in our in-person training programs and camps, all you need is typical running shoes as well as cleats for field training. Balls, cones, ladders, hurdles, weights, etc. for in-person training will all be provided.

      To complete any of our online training programs when available, all you need is a football and cleats. Yes some of our coaches in our online training programs use equipment, but it’s not necessary for the success of the athlete to have at home.

      Most of our drills and training are usually modified to fit small spaces such as back yards and garages if you have one.

      How can I cancel my membership or app subscription?

      A strong training routine is essential to maintaining your athlete’s overall development and well-being. While we hate to see you go, the best way to begin the cancellation process is to cancel your membership in your account and or contact our support team at

      Please keep in mind, there is a 30 day notice requirement to cancel your monthly membership and to stop the billing of the Monthly Membership Fee. This can be done in your SF® athlete/parent account and or via email with our support team at

      Keeping track of progress.

      Every SF® athlete will receive a Training Workbook that will be utilized as their data journal to keep track of their progress. It’s easy to just work out each day, but if you don’t know where you’ve started, where you’re going, what are your weak points as well as your strength, you’ll never know how far you’ve come or how far you can push yourself.

      Can SF® training adapt to another sports?

      Simple answer, Yes! All SF® trainings can be added to any training regimen but each SF®️ program is football specific.

      Can my grade schooler use this training?

      Yes, sure can! But we recommend only using SF®️bodyweight training downloadable program for young athletes between the ages 6-10.

      This can be done by purchasing and downloading the SF®️ bodyweight training program and or subscribing to SF® Training App.

      As for our in-person training with SF coaches, we go as young as 10 years old but ages 10-11 are invited thru our test-in program. Where we hold a simple cognitive test. This test-in is only to determine if the young athlete can handle the training that he or she will be introduced into.

      Ask about how to test-in by clicking this “CHAT”.


      coaching and training seasons


      athletes coached and trained


      Let's partner.

      We are a passionate team focused on providing effective resources for our athletes on their playing journey to college and we’re looking to connect with brands that can help us do that. Lets Chat!

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      Starke Football® mission is to provide an elite professional driven and positive style of training and coaching for young and college focused football athletes wanting to improve and elevate their in-game performance, offseason overall football training and regimen. Training done through a powerful structured roadmap that takes the athlete from middle school through high school while preparing our athletes for college football.

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