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This agreement is to acknowledge that the information provided here on and any business, operational, legal, and or financial information and via a business plan by Starke Football Inc., hereinafter known as the “Business”, is unique and confidential; therefore, anyone reading the business, operational, legal, financial information and business plan agrees not to disclose any its information without the express written permission of the Business.

It is acknowledged by you and or the company you represent, hereinafter known as the “3rd Party”, that the information furnished in the business, operational, legal, financial information and the business plan, other than what is in the pubic domain, may cause serious harm or damage to the Business and will be kept in strictest of confidence by the 3rd Party. Therefore, any breach of confidentiality by the 3rd Party shall result in monetary damages of which may not be an exclusive remedy and shall be determined by the County of Riverside Court of Jurisdiction in the state of California, and any applicable Federal law, deemed worthy by the Business.

All pages of is monitored and tracked. Information gathered on is used to track data such as location, IP addresses and much more data for the use of security, audience building, data analytics, and other business building purposes.

Upon request, the business plan, along with any copies or duplicates, is to be immediately returned to Business.

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