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Murrieta Ca Football Athletes

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It’s not to late to turn your season or career
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Why SF®
Training is important?

Our highly trained and skilled professional football trainers only specialize in Football. From QB to Free Safety, Starke Football® is built to teach the game from an athlete’s perspective while improving your athlete’s overall athleticism.

From recreational flag to high school college prep, we will teach your Murrieta football athlete proven performance methods that will improve their in-game performance and positional skillset through a rigorous training regimen.

What improvements to expect..
✅ Footwork Foundation,
✅ Agility and Speed
✅ Core Strengthening,
✅ Endurance and Conditioning,
✅ Reaction and Timing,
✅ Mobility Improvement,
✅ Change of Direction,
✅ Eye-hand Coordination,
✅ On-the-field Basics,
✅ Route Running and Route Recognition,
✅ Coverage Techniques,
✅ Short/Mid/Long Range Catching
✅ Air Attack and Reaction,
✅ Mental Health, Understanding, Mentoring and so much more.


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    • Wes Starke
      Founder/CEO, Starke Football®

      Wes is the Founder, CEO and Head Coach of Starke Football®, dedicated to providing next generation training, coaching, and scholarship resources that cultivate winning results that transitions on and off the field.

    • Wes Starke

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    Starke Football® mission is to provide an elite professional driven and positive style of training and coaching for young and college focused football athletes wanting to improve and elevate their in-game performance, offseason overall football training and regimen. Our training is built through a powerful structured roadmap that takes the athlete from middle school through high school while potentially preparing them for college football.